There is no love here…….

There are times when I take things to far and I should have kept my big mouth shut, especially when it comes to talking about my sport’s teams.  The whole entire week prior to last night’s game, I had been talking about my favorite football team and how they would dispose of their rival team.  To sum it all up, I was making a bold statements to numerous of friends and co-workers by predicting that their team would be losing horribly at the hands of my mighty football team.  Little did I know (maybe the other team heard my bold statements and decided to get their act together) that after the blow out loss, people would sending me texts and leaving voice messages of how awful my team played.  This morning at work,  I was forced to walk into work with my head down and my co-workers laughing at my grief.  It got to the point that my own boss decided to make a comment of how bad they played (it’s okay though, her favorite player is older than dirt and they are still in the bottom of the division).  In the past couple of years, I thought about how this has happened to me on numerous occassions.  I do not jump on bandwagons (and I never will no matter how bad my teams are) but this has happened to me one to many times.

The Explanation (H8Squad) – My family, friends, and even co-workers know how much I love my sports and my sport’s teams.  When there is an important game, whether it is hockey, basketball, baseball, football, etc….I will always speak my mind and do some light-hearted trash-talking.  Like many other times, things did not go right and my team let me down by losing horribly.  It hurt so bad to watch my beloved team lose like that but they will live to fight another day.  But that was not the worse part, I realized last night that I would have to come into work and face all my peers.  When I arrived at work, I felt like I was the on death row.  The only thing needed was someone yelling in the background “Dead man walking!”.  Have you ever had to rationalize your team’s short comings to your friends?  You have to come up with explanations for your team’s poor play from “our quarterback had a broken arm prior to the game, our point guard has a broken leg and that’s why he couldn’t make a jump when he was shooting, our pitcher was up for 3 days doing relief work in Iraq and flew back here to pitch a game on 2 hours rest, etc…..”  I have had to come up with little white lies so my friends/co-workers/bosses would get off my back when my team sucked the day/night before.  It gets to the point where my wife tells me “Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it”.  Man, she pointed it out right there but that is my problem, I like to talk too much when my team is winning and hide when they are losing.  It is actually pretty sad that I do this on a yearly basis because my teams have been losing a lot over the past couple of years.  It is not a great feeling and the only way to overcome this is if your team actually wins the championship.  Please oh please, let one of my teams win the championship… my trash-talking can commence again.

My Windshield Wipers (H8Squad) – This was a good invention for the automobile because it keeps unwanted water from sticking to your windshield and obstructing your view.  I thank God that I have these things on my car because the morning dew has a way of making life horrible by sticking on to my windshield and windows.  Although windshield wipers are a great invention, it can also work against you at the same time.  Like many of us, we buy new cars and think that the windshield wipers will last forever.  The truth is, we are supposed to change these things more than once a year.  Yup, I said it correctly.  You should change your windshield wipers more than once in a year.  The reason for the change is because the wipers are made with a thin rubber, which can dry up with time.  And when the rubber gets dry from heat, cold, rain, snow, etc….it becomes very hard and it does not repel water like it used to.  And over time, the rubber gets so flimsy that when you turn on your wipers, it actually tears the wiper and it does not wipe the water effectively.  It actually does the opposite, which is to spread the water on your windshield.  And when this happens, it makes visibility more difficult.  Why not change it?  Because we are way too lazy and we do not think about little important things like this.  And because we neglect these things, we complain in our cars that we can not see.  In some extreme cases (I hope this does not happen to anyone), our vision is so blurry with scattered water that we are involved or cause an accident.  Note to self:  Change my windshield wipers as soon as possible…wait, I can change that next time I go to Pep Boys….see how easy it is to neglect them….

If you are in Southern California, drive safely because it is slippery outside…..and someone please tell the O-line of the Chicago Bears that they need to protect the quarterback…..and the quarterback needs to stop holding on to the football and do a 3 step-drop-step and release the ball quicker.  Thanks!


~ by area037 on October 4, 2010.

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