Gone to Early: Edition 1 (Black Tie Dynasty, Gangstarr, Buddy Akai, the Rakes)

Remember when you hear good music from your favorite band (or in my case, BANDS) and think that they would stay together forever.  The band would go on to make 1 or 2 or even 3 good albums and great songs.  Life is good but then everything stops.  First, it starts off with the band taking some time off to rest and make their next album.  After that, rumors begin to swirl that one of the band members wants to go do a solo project.  Additionally, other rumors surface via Internet that there have been some disagreements amongst the group.  Then after much speculation, the news surfaces that the band has decided to go their own directions.  It is sad but very true.

This is an all to common occurance that happens in the musical world.  It is sad that musical artists seem very reluctant to solve any issues they have with the other group members.  They rather see their success go down the drain then to resolve any disagreements amongst each other.  The reason I have decided to talk to about this subject is because again, another group that I think was very good has decided to call it quits.  Over the past 2 years, I have seen a number of groups decide that the best solution is to disband.  And because this has occurred, there is no more favorite group, no more great albums, no more great concerts to attend, no more new album anticipation, no more music videos, no more happy fans, etc… the list could go on and on.  We all know it is part of the music industry that bands break-up and as a big music fan (just like the rest of you), it is still sad to see that this happens way to much.  With that being said, here is my list of groups (no particular order) that should have never broken up.  Additionally, if I had the power to bring back the dead, I would totally resurrect a couple of musical figures that have made an impact on my musical taste, so I had to include some of the groups that were forced to break up or add different members to accommodate the loss of a bandmate.

Black Tie Dynasty – Yes, I say this over and over again.  My wife and best friend are tired of me talking about how this band should have stayed together but they were forced to disband after some speculation that there have been musical differences within the group.  I was in shock because their new album was just released a couple of weeks prior to their break up.  Although I was able to see them on two occassions, it was still very sad to see that they could not keep it going.  What songs that Black Tie Dynasty has left us with:  I Like U, Tender, Pumpkin

Gangstarr – Why I put Gangstarr in here is because it was unfortunate that one of the greatest rappers had to leave us way to early.  Yes, I am talking about my man, GURU!  This lyricist is missed by many, including myself.  In prior blogs, I had mentioned how he expanded my Hip-hop taste.  Prior to listening to his rhyming, I was not really into the Hip-Hop musical genre.  But after listening to the Hard to Earn album, Gangstarr quickly turned my senses to the beauty of Hip-Hop.  Through the years, I would hear new songs from this group every so often and they would turn me to their new flavor but then, I would always come back to the original Hard to Earn album.  But when I found about the death of this Rap legend, my Hip-Hop heart stopped for a moment.  Iw as it was very sad not only for Hip-Hop but for his million of fans out there who love Gangstarr.  RIP GURU.  What Gangstarr left us with:  Hard to Earn album, Moment of Truth album

Buddy Akai – “Why oh why have you left us so early?”  Lately, that is all I have been talking about.  I do not know what the cause of death is for this group but I assume it is like any other disbandment.  Likely it is due to musical differences within the group.  In any case, this group was so good at making people dance whenever they took the stage and now that won’t be the case anymore.  What Buddy Akai left us with:  Cut Me Up (Villains Remix), I’ll Know, Junkie Kids album

the Rakes – Wow, this group was a heartbreaker.  I could not believe this group would have actually disbanded, especially 1 week prior to their Los Angeles concert, in which I was going to attend.  It hurt me so much that they decided to call it quits right before the event.  Although I was able to catch one concert before they broke up, it was still sad to see them gone.  “Doctor please resuscitate this group’s musical heart……(flatline)”.  Hey, it was worth a try, right?  What the Rakes left us with:  Capture/Release album, Ten New Messages album, Klang album….and great memories!

That will conclude my first edition of “Gone to Early”…..stay tuned when I will talk about other groups that left us to early.


~ by area037 on October 6, 2010.

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