Man, I can’t stand you at all….

After a week of well deserved time off, I am again back to the daily grind.  To tell you the truth, it was really hard to come back to work considering that I wanted to stay in bed and sleep the rest of the day.  But I got through the work day with no problems, so I actually had to say it was a good day.  But still, I was able to find things that really bother me.  They were lingering in my mind the whole day that I had to talk about them.  I really feel the need to detail my frustations on paper or in this case, in a blog.  Get a drink, sit back, and read!

Neck strains aka Stiff necks (H8Squad) – Ever had a time when you were playing football, baseball, tennis, etc…(any sport that deals with a lot of arm movement) and after the game, you get a sports’ related injury.  How is that possible?   To answer that question, IT IS VERY POSSIBLE!  I am a good example of ghost injuries.  I call it a ghost injury cause it did not actually happen in the game but it was sports related.  After my softball game, I came home and decided to hit the showers because, in my opinion, smelling like a wildabeast is not very sexy.  While in the shower, I made a sudden movement to get the shampoo (I would have said soap but some of you dirty-minded kiddies who read my blogs  may have thought I dropped the soap) and felt a minor tweak in my upper neck region.  As I finished my shower and dried myself off, the pain increased little by little.  It was so bad that it even radiated to my upper back region.  How is the injury related to softball?  There was a slight pinch in my shoulder area when I threw the ball home from left field.  Imagine if you will, a base runner is on second and the batter hits a hard liner to left field.  Trying to prevent another run, I gunned the ball home to try to get the runner out.  My effort was all for nothing as the runner was able to score, and in return, I received some shoulder discomfort from almost throwing my arm out.  I was able to finish the game but the shoulder pain radiated to my neck and back.  It got worse throughout the night and in the morning, the fun started.  The next morning, I could not move my neck to the right without feeling that lovely knot in my right shoulder.  What makes this story more embarrassing is the fact that I look like Frankenstein when I try to look/turn to the right.  What’s worse is that my neck would almost get stuck in certain positions that I needed the assistance of both my hands to actually move my head back and forth.  You think that’s funny, you should see me driving and trying to look over to my blind spot!

Target (H8Squad) – When the devil decided to put up a store to attract people to buying anything and everything, he created one-stop-shopping stores such as Target and Walmart.  My wife and I keep joking that we can not go to Target without spending $100.  No matter what we are there to buy or what is on our shopping agenda, we are not leaving there without spending that $100, 1 bill, 1 fin, 1 honey-hundred, etc….  For example, we went there on a recent Target shopping spree to just get necessities for our son.  The little one needed some milk, juice, and diapers.  Everything was going well until wifey decided to pass by the children’s department, in which case, our shopping cart started to fill up.  Then we headed to home furnishing section, in which all hell broke lose.  Baby necessities turned into purchasing new curtains and curtain holders.  After that section, the food section was next and that brought about more snacks (for me, which is okay).  After, I thought we were done but we passed by the bathroom and beauty section.  That was the downfall of my Target trip.  But I have to admit, Target is smart because they put that section near the cashier section, which you have to pass by on your way out.  And the best thing about females….. they will always find something they need, even when they do not need it.  Our little trip to hell-on-Earth, I mean Target, set our family back a little, but we will survive.  It is crazy to think how much of a deathgrip Target has on my wife and I.  It is so bad that we actually rely on that store for everything.  I think I am going to talk to my employer to just pay me in Target gift certificates.

Awkward Run-ins at Restaurants (H8Squad) – Imagine this, you walk into your favorite restaurant or watering hole (that is another term for “bar” for all you late bloomers)….. you make your way to your table or favorite spot…..  you look at all the people eating, drinking, talking, etc…..  at this point, you are all smiles…..  THEN you glance to the side and you see someone you do not want to see…..  it could be a boss, co-worker, friend, ex-girlfriend/boyfriend…..  That scenario is all to common in Southern California for myself.  I think California is way to small for us.  In this latest example, my run-in involved my direct supervisors at my place of employment.  I mean I do not have issues with my superiors but then again, I could not really talk the way I want to…..  especially when I want to express frustrations with work.  It was awkward to say the least.  To make the story short, I had to be on my best behavior…..  talking proper and professional…..  until they left.  That is not the first/last awkward run-in.  I have had much worse.  Have you ever had the ex-girlfriends/boyfriends run-in.  Now, that is really uncomfortable for everyone involved.  What do you say to the girl/guy you dated for however long…..  especially when it ended badly.  I mean you could express your hatred for them and blame them for everything that went wrong in your life and how you wish them pain but what good would that solve (it actually feels really good to transfer your ‘hate’ energy on to them…..  I did that once and it was awesome).  But in this case, it is better to be civil then to cause a scene.  You can try the other options like hiding or looking away when you walk pass them but chances are, someone in their group will recognize you.  Or you can turn around and choose another restaurant/bar, but that would make you look weak.  Either route you take, just remember to be the better person and wait for them to approach/greet you…..  HAHAHAHA, that shows you do not have weakness and they do.


~ by area037 on October 18, 2010.

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