It has been a long time……

How the heck have you been?  I know, I know, I have been neglecting to write a post for all you special people.  Do not worry, I have written a little something to feed your little reading addiction (you addicts).  I thought some of these captions would be appropriate and all since Halloween is coming upon us.  I hope this does not scare you.  I hope you all enjoy and be safe out their kiddies!

Parenting Fail! – What is this guy thinking?  Saving his beer is a priority, I guess.  I have a kid and I dare not to even think about not putting him in the car seat.  If I did neglect to put in the car seat, my wife would freak and put the beat down worse than the police.  All I know is that this beer better not be MGD or Coors Light; he better have the good stuff.

Display Win – The designer of this display gets the “Golf Clap” from me.  My wife and I got a pumpkin for my son and we could barely do a cut out of a happy face (actually my wife did all the work).  If we had to design something like this, it would take us FOOOORRRREEEEVVVVVEEEEERRRR (in my Squints Paledoris’ voice – the Sandlot).

Hey, it’s the Law! – I could see it now, all the perverts come out of the woodwork.  I could imagine that this sign would get them all to work on time.

Excitement, excitement, excitement…..oh wait! – This is a best seller in the snoring section.  I think they put this section right next to the Golden Girls DVD collection.  Mark:  I can’t wait to see the new quilting ideas I can get out of these books.  James:  Hey wait, these are not the nude magazines you promised.  Mark:  Oooops!  We’ll just get those at the next stop.

Arrrrrrr-regato, Mr. Roboto! – Japanese pirates are awesome.  I think that would be a good battle to see:  Tom Cruise as the Last Samurai versus Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow.  I do not know who makes these packages but they should be fired for confusing everyone.  I think they should take a class on characters before they make these packages.

Good Advertising! – Hahahaha!  I could imagine this person is a male.  He just wants to voice his freedom.  He was probably telling his ex-wife “Give us free” like in Amistad.

Beer sales on the rise! – I think the sales in alcohol will go up in this town.  Stiles:  Dude, just show him your school ID and he will give you the beer.  We are golden.  Scott Howard:  Are you sure?  I could just show him my wolfman look again and he could give me the keg again.  Stiles:  No, no, no….you don’t have to do that anymore.  Didn’t you read the sign outside the door?  He will just give us the beer with a picture ID now.  (Yes, this is a Teen Wolf reference)

Childhood games gone wrong! – I bet this guy was not good at “hide and seek”.  If you are a criminal and you are hiding, do not answer out when you are on the run.  Note to self:  Do not respond when someone yells “Marco”.

Robin, jump on…lets get these bandits! – I do not know if I should be laughing or what.  Either way, this person has an imagination.  Hey wait, maybe this is the same guy who created the jack-o-lantern display at the store.  One question though, how did he stack them up with a wheelchair.  MAGIC!@$#%

Shoplifter punishment WIN! – I think all shoplifters should be punished like this.  Except, I would make them parade outside the store and stand on the side of the street twirling the sign like one of those advertisement guys.  Better yet, he would have to pass out cards like those guys in Vegas; and on the card it read “I got caught shoplifting”.  They would have to do the whole slap thing too.  By the way, I hate those guys but that is an awesome job!


~ by area037 on October 28, 2010.

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