Been Way toooooooo Long!

Wow, it’s been a month and I have nothing more to say then……where did the time go?  As a lot of things have gone on in my life, some good and some bad, I think it is time to return to what makes me happy.  I do not know how writing became a part of me but it is awesome to know that I make each one of you laugh.  As yesterday was Thanksgiving, I know there is a lot of things to be thankful for and one of them is the fact that I can make people laugh uncontrollably (Another thing to be thankful for is the fact that I brought a jacket today because I am looking outside and it looks cold.  Additionally, I don’t understand why people who have no sweater or jacket on, decide to wear scrubs to work and sit outside to eat their breakfast.  Dude, I know you are cold because you have snot-icicles coming out of your nose).  Anyways, on to the funny!

Advertisement Fail – I don’t know if the store included kitchen goods in the men’s section at the store, but either way……it is really confusing to guys.  I would understand if the kitchen goods were in the women’s section (Hahahaha! I know that was a bad one but I had to do it).

Unbreakable……Gone Wrong! – This is a classic example of people having a “super-hero complex”.  I don’t know if these guys should be convicted of a crime.  I think they did the world a favor by getting rid of this guy.  Okay, okay, okay…..that was really mean!  I’m sorry if I offended anyone.  I never condone people getting killed in any case but when a gun is in your face and two guys ask you “are you bullet proof?”……the first answer should NNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOO!……all while you run like a marathon runner or a Black Friday shopper at the local Old Navy.

Spelling Bee Champion Makes a Hat- I don’t think the person who made this hat had the C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S spirit in them.  It’s crazy that they let illiterate people sew or even sell merchandise.

Confusion…….. – Puzzled, confused, conflicted, etc…???  I am!  I think the person who created the hat above also made this bag.  They thought they would make everyone confused.

“Hotness” – I don’t know about you guys, but I think she just beat out Jessica Alba in my books.  And with that dress too……just hot.  I can’t believe some women think  that this dress would work for them.  I honestly think this is where the Olympic Gymnast go shopping.  I don’t know about her, but if she came into a bar/club looking like this, she better have a good floor routine or backflip if she is planning on impressing anyone.

Introducing, The Bank-Robber Family…… – I don’t know if this family wants to go out looking like this, especially the one in the white hood.  I know the child under that hat is getting beat up soon by everyone in his/her neighborhood.  On the positive side, I think this family would get their food order faster at the local McDonald’s if they came in dressed like this (you know how people are and their McRib).

Hmmm…..Where is the ketchup? – There is nothing like hot dog flavored gum…..especially when you top the gum with onions, ketchup, and mustard.  I could taste it already……..hmmmmm……  Just like Costco, you get a drink with every purchase of this gum.

Spelling Bee Champion goes for a job! – You know, I ‘m not perfect when it comes to filling out a job application.  Sometimes, I think faster than I write and I forget words….so that’s why I ask for two applications.  I usually catch myself forgetting words with the first application.  But to misspell words on an application, especially when it talks about wages, that’s just inexcusable.  I hope this guy/girl filled out another one.  Wait, this person probably got the job and created either the hat or backpack in the previous captions.

Confusion…..Again! – “So wait……the items in this store either cost less/more than $.98.  Ummmmmm……whoever made this sign is genius.  The best way to get people to purchase products is to confuse them.

Someone may need to read instructions carefully….. – Someone needs to read their safety manual over…..and over…..and over…..and over…..  And even after that, they would probably still double stack products when the sticker clearly states not to.  Awesome!

The Wand Man………. – I hate the airport security as it is already but this is just crazy.  It’s bad enough that when I go to the airport, I practically walk through the scanning door naked but now I have to worry about some strange, deranged, pervert playing with his wand……and I am not talking about the one he hovers over your body.  This caption should actually read AIRPORT SECURITY FAIL…..  But I bet it would be a different story if it were Jessica Alba doing body scans……in that case……I’m wearing metal all over my body.  SCAN….SCAN……SCAN……SCAN……

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving: The Real Story – I read the caption and decided that this is the real life Charlie Brown story.  Poor Charlie, he gets depressed because his girl cheated on him.  Honestly, there is only one place to go after you get dumped and that is VEGAS……..  It is the best place to get married, especially to a woman you met that night.  As things are going great, you discover she has more baggage then you know (like 3 kids waiting for mommy to bring home the new daddy)……..sounds like a good weekend to me.  This is the perfect Thanksgiving story.


~ by area037 on November 5, 2010.

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