This is a bunch of BULL…….

"What's the bloody rush?" (Top Secret)

As I sit back and think of the last time I wrote in my blog, I start to get a headache because I keep thinking about the date and nothing is coming to mind.  That’s when you know you have one of two things:  (1) Writers’ block or (2) Don’t seem interested.  “The survey says” that it is neither.  I simply don’t have any time to sit down, think random thoughts, and express them on paper.

But today seems a little different.  I think I have turned over a new leaf or some sort of leafy-object.  Either way, this will be the start of me trying to put my random, crazy thoughts on paper (or in this case, a long blurb about nothing – why does Seinfeld come to mind?).  For today’s simple challenge, I will think about things that bothered me while I was watching a basketball at the Staples’ Center.

The Annoying Kid Holding Up A Large Sign In Front of Me:  Okay, I have to hand it to the kid for being incredibly original by creating a Blake Griffin sign.  It was actually pretty cool that this kid took the time out of his busy day (filled with playing outside, eating, studying, PS3, skateboarding, etc…) to get some thoughts together so he could create something so ‘BIG’.  Might I add that it was so big, that this sign covered literally half of my line of sight.   It got to the point where I was thinking of ways to destroy that sign.  I know that would be mean, but this kid was annoying me with constant badgering of the Bulls’ players.  He was acting like a 12 year old Bill Walton (Clipper’s commentator) except I couldn’t switch the channel.  To top it all off, I know this kid wanted to get the cameraman’s attention so he could be seen on the television.  I thought to myself, there is no way was that going to happen.  Little did I know, when the kid went to the restroom with his dad/brother (or whatever the hell this relative was), the camera actually panned to our section.  To my amusement, I saw myself on television scarfing down some nachos.  Aww yes, the joys of getting back at that kid.  The best part of the night was me rubbing it in that kid’s face by saying “I am glad our whole section got on TV”.  The look on that kid’s face was priceless.  Karma baby!

The Grande-Nachos:  As I was being shown on the big screen above the Staples’ Arena as the spoke-person of how to scarf down a whole tray of nachos in less than 30 seconds, I thought to myself that this nacho meal should in no way affect me later on tonight.  Yeah, I was wrong.  As I was speeding down the 60 freeway, at times almost hitting the speed of light; my stomach felt like I was taking a million jabs from Mr. Pacquiao himself.  Thank God I didn’t spread on the jalapenos.  If I did, I would be writing this blog from my white porcelain electric chair (wait, I have to flush – just kidding or am I?).

The Seat Jumpers:  I am going to let you all in on a secret of mine:  When I have gone to any type of sporting event (past or present), I have never-ever-ever-ever-ever-ever gone and jumped seats in my life.  Call me old fashion or just plain lazy or someone that believes in sitting in seats that you paid for, I just never had the urge to jump from my seats to closer ones.  I don’t know why it bothers me.  Maybe it’s because if I have crappy seats and you’re next to me, damn it, you have to suffer with me.  In all honesty, this does not bother me.  I don’t mind if people do it around me, that is there perogative.  I mean, just because I don’t do it myself, it does not mean I think it is wrong (it’s a MORAL thing, I guess).  Anyways, on with the story.  This guy (in front of me) decides that he is going to switch seats.  Thinking that they were going to jump in seats closer to the action because there were a bunch of open seats in our section; him and his girl decide that they are going to jump back one row next to me.  I don’t know why this annoyed me so but it did.  I guess it was because they were Clipper fans and that they knew the couple next to them.  Also, I guess it was because I was annoyed with the two couples constantly talking during the game.  Maybe that was the annoying part.  Either way, this guy was talking to his girlfriend and it caught my attention for some reason.  I don’t what they were talking about but my mind was not focused on the game.  And after the game, I could not think of what went on in the 4th quarter.  I wish these two kids would have just stayed in their own row so I won’t have to listen to them.  I should have been a punk and told the security on them.  That would have been awesome!  Freakin’ Clipper fans!


~ by area037 on February 3, 2011.

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