The Century Mark Achieved!

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Ah yes, I have finally reached 100.  Yes, I have written 100 blurps, quips, little exerts, etc… about life, some art, comedy, some fashion, music, etc…  And through it all, you have remained loyal readers and given me a reason to continue to write.  I feel that I should thank you all for your comments and personal messages to continue to write.  It has been a great trip and I have enjoyed writing and keeping you all amused.  I know I am bit crazy, interesting at times, but mostly amusing for all my little comments on almost everything.  Understand that I have my opinion on almost all subjects (exception are politics and religion, I think those should be kept to myself) and I know that I may have offended some people.  If I did, I apologize as it was not my intention to hurt, put down anyone, etc…  My whole goal was to make everyone amused with my off-beat humor.  My thoughts are that it is better to be laughing, smiling, happy, etc… then to be miserable and not amused.  I think people can appreciate the humor and I think people view my blog for the laughs.  And for that, I thank everyone of you.  It may not be special to you but this exert is very special to me.  I reached a milestone that I set for myself.  And because I want to make you all laugh, I will continue with my writing journey.  I hope you all get a kick out of reading the next 100 blogs as I enjoy writing them.  (Okay Erik, quit with all the corny-I-want-to-thank-you-all stuff and get to the goods) With all that said, let’s continue on with the funny stuff.


Buddy Akai, Innerpartysystem, Depeche Mode, Hatchet…….

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The beauty of music is that I can listen to anything I want.  Like this morning, I listened to KDAY for some old school hip hop and then after, I put on the best of Stone Temple Pilots CD.  Yeah, I know…this is a crazy playlist but that is my typical morning drive.  I listen to a number of different genres in the morning so I will not get bored and/or sleepy.

As I said last week, my eMusic account was replenished with new credits and that means I will be able to download new music.  As I did searches for different music, I was able to download some classics and some new music.  In my frantic search for new music, I found an EP by Innerpartysystem as well as a new album by Buddy Akai.  Additionally, I downloaded a classic album by Depeche Mode and an older album by a new trash metal band named Hatchet.  I told you I have a crazy music palette.

Innerpartysystem (American Trash EP):  Last week, my wife and I were able to attend a concert of DIOYY (Does It Offend You, Yeah!), which is one of our favorite bands.  As my wife and I were sitting there waiting for the concert to start, we thought to ourselves that the opening act is probably going to suck.  Because we have seen this many times in the past, we assumed that everyone will not pay attention to the opening act.  Were we right?  Somewhat.  When the concert promoters decided on the opening act, they chose a very good band with Innerpartysystem.  They really hyped up the crowd and got everyone to dance.  Because I was really impressed, I jumped on the computer the very next day to find any music by this group.  Eureka! I came across their Innerpartysystem’s EP, American Trash.  When I first listened to the snippet, I was immediately drawn into their sound.  I downloaded the song and listened to it for the next 10 minutes or so and I got really addicted.  I looked on iTunes to feed music addiction and found their self-titled album and downloaded that additionally.  The album is filled with hard-electro-synth-indie-dance music.  What was cool is that they did a remake of Transimission by Joy Division.  I have heard different remakes of Transmission and I would have to say that this is the best dance oriented version I have heard.  The one by Hot Chip is cool also but I think this one is a lot better.  My advice to you Kiddies is if you like groups like Mount Sims, the Presets, Does It Offend You, Yeah!, Tesla Boy, Hot Chip, etc….you’ll like this group.

Buddy Akai (Junkie Kids):  My first listening experience of Buddy Akai was actually at a concert when they performed at Vertigos.  My friend invited me to come down and listen to them play.  When I got there, I thought I was going to be watching some alternative group playing the same typical boring hard rock music that sounds like every other group played on KROQ.  Boy, I was so mistaken.  They broke out songs from their first EP and immediately made me a believer in the Buddy Akai camp.  Ever since then, because I spin indie-dance-electo music, some of their songs are in constant rotation in mixes.  So when I did a search and found that this group made a full length offering, this album became a priority on my music download queue.  Let me just tell you that Buddy Akai has not disappointed me one bit.  Their new album is filled with dance tracks that is guaranteed to get you moving on the dance floor.  I would have to say that Buddy Akai have made me a believer once again that there is good music out there that is not always played on the radio.  I hope they keep up with this awesome sound.  Now my friends have asked me what my favorite tracks are on this album and I would have to say that Gotta Get Down, Junke Kids, Twenty Twelve, and No Complaints are up there.  I hope you take my advice and explore this album because it is really good.  Actually, I would have to say that “Awesome” is the one word to describe Junkie Kids.  (Update:  Did a search to see if Buddy Akai were performing any time soon and found that they have split up……oh what a shame!  This group is added to my list of groups that have ended their musical lives too soon.  Oh well, still enjoying their album)

Depeche Mode (Ultra):  I had to download a classic.  I love this group and I lost this CD somewhere (or maybe I never had it in the first place).  I don’t really remember.  Either way, I remember my sister always listening to it whenever we went out so I had to get it for myself (Crazy, I am using all my credits to downloading classic albums that I should already have).  Here is the best part of having an eMusic account.  When you download from their website, their digital copies usually have songs that were released in different parts of the world.  With the Ultra digital download album, they included a live album that were considered bonus tracks in a different part of the world.  In the end, I ended up getting 20 songs for only 12 credits.  If you do the math, I get 50 downloads for $19.99, which comes out to $.40 per song x 12 = $4.80 for Ultra plus a bonus concert.  I think I came out a winner here.  eMusic = WIN!  By the way, I was able to get the Speak and Spell album as well and I love that album also (Photographic = Great song).

Hatchet (Awaiting Evil):  Okay, I took my wife’s car to work and on the way to HELL (I meant to say work), I happened to be listening to Liquid Metal (I love XM radio) and Storm the Gates happen to come on.  When I first heard the song, I thought this had to be an early 80’s thrash band or it was a Slayer song that I have never heard before.  To my surprise, it was neither.  Hatchet happened to be a new group that likes to play real thrash metal (put a tear to my eye).  When I got to work, I was so intrigued that I looked up Hatchet and found that they released an album in ’08.  With Hatchet repeating in my head over and over, it was a must that I remember the name of the band.  When I got home, I jumped on iTunes and found their album.  Yes Kiddies, I downloaded their album and never looked back.  Let me just tell you that Hatchet reminded me of old school flava’ and how metal is supposed to be played.  This totally reminded me of early 80’s thrash metal when Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Testament, Exodus, etc… (the list could go on and on) ruled the underground sound.  Awaiting Evil totally sounds like long lost record from Slayer.  You never know, Slayer may have made this album before they made Show No Mercy (okay, I am going overboard).  But let me just say that I was so impressed that I had to let my brother and my friend listen to it.  Yeah, they agreed that this was an awesome group.  Again, I am just glad that I was able to find great music like this.

I got out of the kitchen ’cause I couldn’t take the HEAT!

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The Giant-Red-Round Cheeto from Hell

Dear Sun,

How are you doing today?  I know today (at 10:43 AM), you are feeling a little blue as it is very mild in Pasadena with not much heat but can we please keep it that way?  Many of us did not like the fact that you scalded us yesterday for not being your friend.  How mad were you at us?  Did you have to make life miserable for many of us, especially the people in the Valleys.  I know 100 degrees is nothing to some of us but for people like myself, we can not function when it is 113 degrees outside.  To make things worse, I heard you talked to the moon and you decided to keep the weather miserable in the evening.  I went outside at 7:00 PM to throw the trash away and it was still hot and muggy.  I actually thought I was stuck in Palm Springs.  I had to ask my wife what the temperature gauge in her car read and she said 95 degrees.  I do not know what we did to make you hate us but please reconsider.  We knew we all did something wrong yesterday when the weather in Los Angeles was much worse than the weather in Las Vegas.  Additionally, why did you have to call your other friends to make trouble with us?  I know you called Humidity to mess with us.  I know he is supposed to come down to visit us the rest of the week.  But honestly, do you think we are scared of your plans to make each of us miserable?  Actually, let me tell you why we are mad at you, so you better listen and LISTEN GOOD:

– Slimey sweat:  I am not going to lie to you, I could sweat in the car when it is 95 degrees.  But when it is 113 degrees, I don’t sweat….I melt.  Especially when I get into the car, the heat is so unbearable that my seats absorb vast amounts of fluid from my body.  I hate the fact that my cloth seats now have an outline of where my body was while I was driving.  It looks like sprayed the product Soul Glo (like in Coming to America) all over my body and sat in the car.  The best part of the sweat is the taste of it.  Yes, the taste!  As the sweat trickles down my brow and on the rest of my face, because there is so much, at times, it does venture into my mouth.  It tastes like saliditos (and not the chili ones).  So Sun, give us a break!

– Uncontrollabe heat:  I went to get some food with my wife yesterday and while I sat there waiting for our food (with my son sleeping in my arms), patrons would constantly open and close the door.  There is nothing wrong with that, right?  Wrong!  The fact that the restaurant’s seating is directly in front of the door, the heat was constantly hitting my face and body.  That gust of disgusting heat would hit my body and I would cringe with rage because it was so hot.  Additionally, because my son was sleeping and he was sweating profusely from the heat, his sweaty-lifeless body was on me which made me more drenched with sweat.  To make things worse, the restaurant had the added the value of plastic seating, which made my body slippery from all the sweat.  I felt like I was on a Slip N’ Slide, except there was no sprinklers; it was just pure sweat.  Sounds too sexy!

Please reconsider your anger towards us because we really love you but when you are pissed and red-hot mad at us, we do not like to be around you very long.  I am better off staying at home with my A/C blasting then to go outside and take a walk with you.  I think the best thing for you to do is to take it easy and rest.  Why don’t you think about taking a vacation on the different part of the Earth?  Think about it okay!

Your friend till the end,


Are you ready???

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Yes, I am back and that means today is Thursday.  What does that mean for all of you?  That means this blog will be filled with some goodness.  When I was looking at these captions, there were a couple of them that kept me cracking up for minutes (ouch, my sides hurt from laughing).  I know everyone enjoys this blog day so I will hold you no longer from laughing.  Read with caution as you will laugh uncontrollably.  You have been warned.  Enjoy!

Treasure at the end of the rainbow! – This caption was caught at the perfect time.  Jim:  Dude, look at the rainbow.  Doesn’t it look cool?  Scott:  Yes, it does.  Look where it leads to man.  Get me to the end of that rainbow.  Jim:  Man, we are there.  I guess leprechauns do know what people like to drink.

It was an honest mistake, really! – Scott:  Man, what happened on your date last night?  Mark:  Well, it is hard to explain.  Put it this way, I do not think we will be going out again.  Scott:  Oh yeah, I thought you were really into this one.  Mark:  I was until I thought she was trying to take my wallet, so I threw a right-cross and knocked her out.  Scott:  Wow, that sucks!  Mark:  The only good thing to come out of this date was that I thought I put my wallet in my back pocket but I realized that I didn’t even have my wallet, I left it at home.

Perfect couple, wrong last name! – I don’t think the hyphen will make the last name any better.  Maybe they should think about switching her last name to “Holder of Wang”.  Wait, that won’t work either.  I guess she is going to be butt of everyone’s jokes for years to come.

Francois the Speed Bump – Renault:  Dude, did you see that girl in that car?  She was hot!  Man, I love the fact that we can drive Francois’ car while he bikes and all we have to do is give him water.  By the way, have you guys seen Francois?  It is about time he gets some water.  Lenny:  Hey man, watch the road, you just hit the only speed bump on this freeway.  Renault:  Okay!  Let me know if you see or hear Francois.

Crane Game Win! – Jen:  Why are you always playing this crane game?  You are drunk, Chuck E. Cheese is about to close, we have been here for 3 hours and the kids want to go home.  Derrick:  Damn it, Jen!  You are bad luck, I almost got the bottle again.  Leave me alone!

The Force is strong with this one – Yoda:  Young he is.  Train we shall.  Luke Skywalker:  Yoda, shut up!  You said that about the last kid we saw in Kentucky with the last name of Knight.  These kids will not be Jedi Masters.  Now can we go home?

That girl is mine! – Bonnie:  Hey, isn’t that Chrissy over there waving at some guy dressed in that Snicker’s costume.  Michelle:  Yeah, it is!  We just broke up and now she is trying to play for the other team.  I hate that girl.  I should walk up to her and give her a piece of my mind.  Bonnie:  Michelle, it is going to take a long time to get over there, you are in this sumo wrestling outfit.  Michelle:  I don’t care if it takes me 20 minutes to get over there, I am going to bounce over to her right now and give her what she deserves.

Safety first – I don’t know why but this guy reminds me of the gay lawnmower guy in the Dave Chappelle Show.  In any case, I don’t know why this guy would choose to wear a bicycle helmet to mow the lawn.  I guess he thought the mower was to fast for him.

Bachelor Party gone wrong – Have you ever seen the movie starring Tom Hanks called Bachelor Party.  The movie was made in the early 80’s and it was about his bachelor party.  Anyways, there was a part in the movie where this couple was in the hotel and when they opened the window to check out the view, there was a naked guy at the window.  As the couple screamed in horror, the guy hanging started to scream and squirm.  As he squirmed more and more, the rope eventually gave way and he free fell from the hotel room.  This was happening all while the couple retreated back to their car.  While the guy was calming his girl down, he opened the sunroof to get some air.  When he opened the sunroof and was going for a kiss, the naked guy that fell from the hotel fell butt first into their sunroof.  Classic movie.  If you have never seen it, you have to definitely rent it.  It was the 80’s version of the Hangover.

I see you! – There is no shame in this guy’s game.

Must read for all husbands – Slavery is synonymous with marriage.  I think every husband should go to the library and spend a day in this section.

Which manhole are we talking about??? Hmmmm…… – Wife:  Hey honey, did you hear that?  I think I heard someone outside trying to lift our manhole.  Husband:  Don’t worry about it honey.  I don’t think our manhole is going anywhere.  Wife:  Why is that?  Husband:  Last week, while you were out, I called McGard to get the manhole security installed.  Wife:  Oh gosh honey, you just think of everything.  I am so lucky to have a husband like you.

So true! – Joke:  What bleeds for 1 week and does not die?  Hmmm….I wonder.

Videogame Cover Fail! – I don’t think this is the same game cover.  I think this was drawn by little Billy from the 2nd grade.

Fortune Fail – I hate fortune cookies.  I ate at Panda Express a couple of days with my wife and I got a similar fortune.  The people who make these little fortune cookies need to get their act together.

Innerpartysystem and Does It Offend You, Yeah! Concert @ the Music Box

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Okay, okay, okay….I know I have not written a post in quite awhile.  I was busy with other things but today is a little different.  This is the first time that I actually have a little time on my hands to post something.  And guess what, my post happens to be about some music on “Music Day”.

Let me just start off by telling you that my wife and I have not been to a concert together in such a long time.  The last couple of years, I have bought tickets to watch concerts with my wife but since she has been pregnant with our children (plural), she has been unable to go with me and I am forced to take my best friend to these little gigs.  I think the last concert that I actually took my wife to was an Elefant concert at Vertigos but with no real babysitter at the time, we had to leave early as the band did not even go on stage till 1:00 AM.  Boo to us and boo to them for not going on stage on time!  But last night, it was destiny for my wife and I.  We had a great time watching one of the best live Indie-Dance-Electro bands out there.  Actually, we saw two of them (one of which I have never heard of till yesterday).  At first, while we were sitting down in the newly renovated Music Box theater, we were listening to the DJ spin some good music.  He was playing some great dance tunes from Metric to Simian Mobile Disco to Marc Almond.  Yes, that’s right!  I don’t know how the DJ managed to go from Simian Mobile Disco to “What” by Marc Almond.  His music selection was a little obscure to me as he was not really playing to the crowd.  I think he was playing stuff that he wanted to hear but whatever, I still enjoyed it.  From there, the curtains were raised and the first band took the stage.  At first, I did not know what to expect as the place was dark and you could only see synthesizers next to a drum set.  When Innerpartysystem took the stage, they started playing one of their songs and let me just tell you….the crowd went nuts.  I could see the kids in the general admission space all dancing.  It was a great site to see.  I have to say that Innerpartysystem’s sound kind of reminds me of the Presets meeting Boys Noize.  I really enjoyed their short set as they played some really great songs.  The best part of the band was that they played to the crowd.  My wife and I were discussing how good their stage presence was with the crowd.  Let me just say this, there are not many bands (that I have watched) who like to talk to the crowd and get them rowdy, energized, engaged, etc….  Usually the bands (again, that I have watched) put on this I-am-better-than-you persona and just play their songs without even acknowledging the fans.  This band made the whole crowd feel loved and you can see they had passion on stage.  That is something that made the concert really enjoyable and Innerpartysystem did a good job of doing that.

After Innerpartysystem’s short (and not long enough) 30 minute set was over, we waited another 30 minutes for Does It Offend You, Yeah!, which is he band my wife and I came to see.  When they came on, we counted only 4 band members coming out.  But if I remember correctly, Does It Offend You, Yeah! actually has 5 members in their band.  With all the confusion going on, the guitarist got on the mic and informed the crowd that the lead singer was back at home (in England) sick and he was unable to attend the tour.  The other bandmates felt they had an obligation to the record label, fans, the United States, etc…. to play on tour, regardless if they had 4 or 5 members.  And boy, did they fulfill the bill?  The band tried to make the most of their songs, playing only songs that were limited on lyrics and were more music oriented.  Honestly, it was kind of sad not to hear the songs I wanted to hear (like Epic and the Last Song) but it was okay.  The band made up for their lack of a lead singer with their energy and song selection.  My wife and I could not believe how good they were live.  Again, their stage presence more than made up for what they lacked.

All in all, my wife and I had a great time on our date night.  My wife’s company was probably the best part of my night since we had not been able to do this in such a long time.  We appreciated the night alone with good music and great company.  I think my wife enjoyed herself, and I even think the little one in her belly enjoyed it also as he/she (we will know the sex of the baby in the next couple of weeks, so for now, we call the little one he/she) was moving every which way in her tummy.  (A little background) When Ingrid was pregnant with Julian, I used to spin for her when she wanted to hear some music and just relax.  When I did this, Ingrid told me that Julian would move a lot when I spun.  After that reaction we got from the baby, I would spin for her and Julian, which actually relaxed both of them.  And now that Julian is out, he has been exposed to so much music that he knows which one is his favorite.  That boy is so smart that he knows when I am playing his favorite artist, Chromeo.  When I play 100% by Chromeo, Julian immediately knows what song is being played that he smiles and starts to dance.  With that in mind, I think the next one is going through the same thing  right now because Ingrid describe the movements in her tummy like the baby dancing.  Crazy, awesome, intense, energetic, etc….night for all 3 of us.

By the way, I am going to purchase two albums next week, Innerpartysystem and Buddy Akai, and I will let you know how they sound.  Stay real Kiddies!

P.S.  I left some random shots of the concert…..this is the best I could get….

The Big Switch!!!!!

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As I sit here, laughing uncontrollably, I just want to let you all know that I have not forgot about funny caption day.  Since I was busy with life yesterday, I thought I would switch my days and make you all laugh with these silly captions today.  Let me just tell you that today’s blog is filled with some real treasure finds.  I think you will all enjoy these captions as I have.  Additionally, I just wanted to tell everyone to have a great weekend and don’t forget that the new season of Ghost Adventurers on Travel Channel starts tonight.  Happy reading!

Animal Fail – This picture is just wrong.  The phrase “A picture says a thousand words” comes to mind.

Drugs Advertisement Fail – Drug User:  “So wait, can I or I can not buy drugs here?  This sign is too confusing to me.”

Retiree Win – This retired guy is the master of hide and seek.  I think he is hiding with Obama.

Swinging with Grandfather Fail – Should I call this Grandparent Fail or should I just call this a Swinging Fail?  I can’t believe the grandpa forgot about little Ann.  Oh well, she will hit the ground real soon.

Bronze Statue Fail – Again “a picture says a thousands words” 

Dorm Life Fail or Dorm Life Win? – RA:  Hey Bobby, can I talk to you?  Bobby:  Sure man, what’s going on?  RA:  As you know, the showers have been overflowing lately.  The plumbers are complaining that there has been white, sticky substance coming out of the pipes.  Do you know about this?  Bobby:  No, why?  RA:  Some of the other students have been complaining that you take long showers and you always look tired when you come out of the shower.  Do you are stuff lotion down the drain or something?  Bobby:  Actually no, I use this special soap that is kind of think and sticky.  I promise I won’t use it anymore if it drains the shower.  RA:  Thanks Bobby, I knew you would understand.

Whatcha Talking About? It’s Always Killing Time! – Gangster 1:  What is this sign supposed to mean?  Gangster 2:  I don’t know but I think this new rule applies to us.  Gangster 1:  But we shoot here every night man.  This is going to spoil my weekend nights now.  Where are we supposed to kill now?  The police don’t have no sense!

Steep Ramp Fail – I hope the wheelchair person got some buff arms to get himself up this ramp.

Juice Advertisement Fail – Little Jacob:  Mommy, this juice makes me feel funny.  And after I drink it, I usually have a headache and I want to throw up.  Can we switch brands?  Mommy:  But honey, it is good for you.  Besides, your dad likes to drink this juice too, so we can’t switch brands on him now.

Spiderman Fail – Little Mario:  Mommy, I don’t like the Spiderman you rented for my party.  He always smells like cigarettes.  Mommy:  Oh honey, you are just imagining things.  That’s not cigarettes, that is Spiderman’s secret weapon cologne that repels his enemies.  Little Mario:  I think it worked because all my friends left now and they didn’t even have any cake.  Mommy:  I’m sorry honey, next time, mommy will not get the 1/2 Spiderman.

Robbing Fail/Loan Win – How does a guy go into the bank with a plan to rob it suddenly come out with a house loan but they can’t give my sister a refi?  I just don’t get it.

Mustache Fail – Gangster 1:  Hey fool, let’s jump this guy.  Gangster 2:  Hey Vato, kick back.  Do we know what gang he is from?  I don’t want to be jumping no fool from our own ‘click’, like we did last time.  Gangster 1:  I don’t know what gang he is from.  He didn’t throw any signs and he keeps smiling, so I can’t see what his mustache says.  Gangster 2:  We’ll, keep looking eh and let me when you find out.

Grilling Essentials Win – What else do you need?  Meat packed with beer.

Skateboard Robber Fail – What person takes a skateboard to rob a bank?  What’s better, the same guy calling the police that someone stole his skateboard while he was robbing the bank.  This guy is a genius.  Somewhere I can hear “Real Men of Genius” playing somewhere.

Suspect and Tanning Fail – This guy’s face tans but his forhead doesn’t.  I wonder how low he was wearing cap.  Either way, makes for a great photo……for us to laugh at.

Snack Bar Fail – Little Billy:  Mommy, I don’t like the candy bars at the snack bar.  Everytime we get something over there, my chee-chees start to hurt and the guy behind the counter won’t stop pinching me.

Slogan Fail – Remind me not to call this company to dig a hole at our house.

Cake Creator Fail – I think I saw this same cake on that show Cake Boss.

Photoshop Fail/Cousin It Win! – Wednesday:  Hey Uncle Fester, have you seen Cousin It?  He said that he was going to be tanning over there on that side of the beach but when I went to go get him, he was gone.  Uncle Fester:  Wednesday, I think I saw him leaving with some broad.

Slip and Slide/Green Shorts Fail – “Real men of genius……We salute you Mr.-Green-Shorts-who-can’t-slide-down-the-Slip-and-Slide-without-using-face”

It is finally here!

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Business Casual by Chromeo

As I counted the days when this new album by Chromeo would be released, I searched the Internet for little snippets of the new album.  I looked on sites like Pandora, YouTube, etc…but nothing was leaked.  The only thing I found were videos for Night by Night on YouTube, which I considered to be a good teaser.  Finally, the day arrived yesterday and I headed to my local Best Buy to find the CD.  On my way home, I picked up my son, packed his bottles, and we headed off to the store to purchase the Business Casual album.  To my dismay, I arrived at the Best Buy and found that they had moved all the CDs aside or to the back or completely moved them to another location.  “Why?” you ask, it is because the new Halo game came out for the xBox 360 system.  Instead of having a Best Buy filled with CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, etc… for consumers to purchase, it was replaced with chairs and tables for the Halo-nerds watching others play the game.  “Disgusting”, yes!  This particular day was pretty warm, so all the Halo-nerds decided not to take a shower yesterday and decided to run to the local Best Buy (this happens to be same Best Buy I go to) in their dirtiest clothes that has not been washed for 3 weeks.  Better yet, I don’t think they ran to the Best Buy because they all look like they just sit in front of the television all day, so I think their mom dropped them off a mile away so they could walk the rest of the way.  Additionally, it looked like all of them forgot their inhaler because they were all winded when they entered the store.  In my head, I was thinking that there should be a Magic the Gathering tournament somewhere but I forgot that it was Tuesday, so the Frank and Sons show was not till tomorrow.  But watching these so-called “Video Game Gods of the West Covinas” was amusing not only to me but to my 15 month old son who was laughing.  As he was smiling and grabbing all the merchandise he can get his hands on, he turned his attention to the Halo Area aka Nerd Central, where all the loud noise coming from.  I saw his face light up with a smile as he pointed at the group of Halo’ers and said “Nerds” like Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds.  Okay, he didn’t exactly see it but you could see it in his face that he was thinking that (or was that me?).  In any case, this team of Lambda, Lambda, Lambda Halo geeks ruined a perfectly good day for me.

I got home pissed off because of the traffic on the streets, the hot weather, and the crowded Best Buy full of stinky nerds.  I decided to go on iTunes and purchase the album there.  At first, I was having trouble again with my paypal account and not being able to link it to my billing on iTunes.  After many failed attempts, it finally went through and I was able to get the album.  With all the trouble I went through to get this album, it was well worth it.  It reminded me of their previous albums but it had more of a groovy feel to it.  It felt like someone got a blender and put in sounds from the 80’s mixed with electro.  Awesome combination (to me, at least)!  It has a Tesla-Boy’ish, Bosom Buddy’ish (yeah, I mentioned a TV show starring Tom Hanks), Hall and Oats’ish feel to it.  I love the sound of this new album and I think if you like their previous efforts, you will definitely love this album.  Goofy pop music with feeling?  Maybe.  Good album?  Perhaps (too early to say but it is growing).  Worth the trouble of traffic, dealing with stinkin’ nerds, and hot weather?  Most definitely.

Now…..go get this album!